The Value Of Products

The Value and the Disrupter

The products are your (each student’s) choice. A student selects a product (five in total), describes the price they would pay, the value associated with the product, and the difference between the two.

I think I used a dry erase marker in class to demonstrate the price ($1) vs the value (varies – nothing for some, $1-3 for some, and more than $5 for others), and the difference was because various options or no use, but if I needed one, I would pay more because the value has changed. The next column is the actual price such as Walmart, Amazon, Ali Express, etc. The price difference is what was listed in the second column vs the actual price. The fourth column explores how technology disrupts value. In the case of the dry erase marker, if we switched to a digital board, the value of the dry erase marker would be nothing because I would have no use for the product.


What would I pay? What is the value? What’s the difference? (1 pt)

Actual price found online (or price range) with source

(.5 pts)

The price difference (.5 pts)

How can technology disrupt the value? (1 pt)

Product A:





Product B:





Product C:





Product D:





Product E:





Answer the following questions (1 point each):

· What are the differences between your pricing estimates and actual pricing?

· What do you believe is the source of the difference?

· As a consumer, do you care about the price of certain items than others? Why?

· What influences your level of concern/perspective about price? How does tech impact this influence?

· In this exercise, did you learn anything that surprised you?


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