Time Value Of Money Application

this discussion will focus on choosing between debt and investment.

Assume you have recently graduated with your business degree, and landed a new position at a company you had been researching during your senior year in college. You have been offered a lump-sum sign-on bonus of $5,000. You currently have a credit card with an outstanding $3,000 balance. You also recently purchased a new condominium and vehicle. These items, in addition to your student loans, comprise your personal debt.

Consider your debt reduction and investment earnings potential, as well as any applicable taxes. Assume that tax rates are stable over the next 10 years, and inflation is low (<1% per year) and does not change. Would you personally choose to invest the $5,000 sign-on bonus, or use it to pay down your debt? Regardless of your decision to either invest or pay down debt, be specific regarding the type of investment or debt payment you would make. Provide specific rationale for your decision. You may develop a quantitative example to support your rationale.


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