We made it to week 8! As much as I enjoyed this past term, I am ready to start my last and final class at the beginning of the year.

In your response to your peers, address the following:

● Compare and contrast your experience with that of your peers.

● What recommendations would you make for your classmates based on their decisions?


Peer 1:

Miles Smith

Hello Class!

We made it to week 8! As much as I enjoyed this past term, I am ready to start my last and final

class at the beginning of the year.

My decisions over the three simulations did not vary and the outcomes were relatively the same.

I did notice the names in the family and country of origins change but the narrative stayed the

same. In all three simulations, I believed the Grandfather, in this case I’ll use Rafeal, lacked the

understanding of how to start a business and relied heavily on working hard. He made decisions

based on emotion and thought that his family would be the only ones operating the business.

However, I, like Edoardo, saw the company expanding beyond the capabilities of the family to

operate it successfully and competitively.



I removed myself from family obligations by making decisions to bring in outside management

in the form of COOs and felt that that was the cornerstone of how the company would turn out.

This decision took feelings out of the equation and allowed for growth by launching their IPO,

investing in new research and development, and eventually branching out into an entirely new

field of products. Due to these reasons, I would not have change any of my decisions because the

company grew at a rate higher that they ever dreamt and allowed the family to stay in good

relations. These decisions allowed the company to eventually become a Fortune 500 company

and create generational wealth for the family from a product their grandfather originated in the

1970’s. However, if I were to make one change and this change was not prompted in the

simulation, it would be to rethink the pesticides used around the harvest area. In 2020, it was

reported that the global bee population was declining, and pesticide use was believed to be a

contributing factor. If Texas Nectar took greater care regarding the environment, they could have

reduced their impact on the bee population.

Congrats to everyone on finishing the term and Happy Holidays.






Sally Navarro

Hello everyone,

We made it! Happy week #8!

The first time I did a simulation, I focused on the family relationships and the vision of the

patriarch. The final simulation showed that the company needed to grow and become more

modern to compete in the global market. To achieve this, I hired outside workers. We initially

were more of a mom-and-pop operation, and the global economy would eventually take a hit.

But, after we hired outside, we were able to establish a foothold in the international market. We

were able to diversify our product line and create skincare and other beauty products that were

not only beneficial but also profitable. I would give the younger son more control, and I would

also like to have two chief executive officers, one from the family and one from an external

source. I chose this because the company performed better when it kept its original product, but

it ventured into the market with new marketing and products. The chief executive officers of

different companies should be able to manage teams focused on keeping the company’s

originality while also moving it into new markets. Family-owned businesses tend to benefit from

outside influence as it allows them to avoid conflicts of interest and unclear mandates.

Good Luck everyone-


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