Week 1 discussion 2 Healthcare Policy & Finance

Week 1 discussion 2 Healthcare Policy & Finance


Weekly Discussion: 2 (USLO 1.1)

Let’s dive into stakeholder perceptions of the U.S. healthcare system as this will be a great foundation for the rest of the course.

As a consumer of healthcare services and insurance, consider your own perspectives of the U.S. healthcare system. Please address each of the following aspects in your discussion response and support your answer with evidence from the literature.

· As a nurse, you wear at least two or more stakeholder hats; how does being a nurse influence your role as a consumer of healthcare?

· How does your knowledge of the U.S. health care system impact how you can help other stakeholders?

· Explain the various sphere(s) of influence (consumer, provider, etc.) that would be the most impactful in advancing healthcare policy initiatives and explain why.


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