Week 10 Discussion – Your Special Occasion Speech

Week 10 Discussion – Your Special Occasion Speech

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This week, you will be recording and posting a special occasion speech. You will be creating a toast or inspirational speech to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and to motivate your peers to finish strong. Your job is to recognize the hard work of your peers and to inspire them to continue working hard to finish the course and their degree. Consider creating a mini-outline or speaking notes to help guide you as you present your speech. Please keep your speech between 1-2 minutes. We should be able to see and hear you while you are presenting.

Read a post by at least one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections.

You don’t have to do a video, just write it out.

Respond to at least one of your peers.

Typically, a substantial post consists of 5-7 sentences and a peer response with 2-4 complete sentences. A substantial discussion forum response should make connections to course content, professional experiences, and personal experiences.

Optional: Continue to hone your oral communication skills by submitting your discussion response as a 1-2 minute video or audio recording. Should you choose this option, you will be graded on your responses just as you would if you responded via text only. You will not be graded on your audio or video performance.

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