ESOL 400, Rivera

Essay #1: Learning and Success


In Unit 1, we have read and discussed articles on the topics of motivation, intelligence, and effects on learning. We have also explored ways in which motivation to learn is affected by praise.


For your first major writing assignment, you will write a brief (3-4 page) expository essay that addresses one of the following topics:

  • In “Brainology” and “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” Dweck discusses fixed and growth mindsets and the affect it has on children’s learning. In “How to Find Balance When Too Much Self Doubt Gets in The Way” and “How Has Google Affected the Way Students Learn?” the authors discuss learning and success. Using examples from the texts as well as your own experience as an English learner, respond to the following questions: What are some obstacles to successful learning and how can you use them to your advantage?


  • An effective thesis that addresses one of the above prompts
  • Clear, convincing, developed ideas using logical evidence and analysis (PEA ¶s) that shows your ideas to a reader
  • At least 2 references to the texts (short quotations and/or paraphrases from any of our texts)
  • MLA citations when referencing the text
  • An introduction that includes enough background information to make your ideas clear to a reader who is not familiar with the readings or topics we have discussed in class


Please refer to Canvas for Guidelines for Written Work, and the Essay Portfolio Checklist for what to include in your final essay folder. You will be required to submit your final draft to “turnitin” (on Canvas). Any plagiarized work will result in a grade of No Credit for this assignment.

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What are some obstacles to successful learning and how can ONE use them to your advantage
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