Three questions answer in one paragraph each

Write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) on disease epidemics and their effects on societies historically (and today). We discussed two main (and different) instances of this: the Black Death in Eurasia and as part of the Columbian Exchange in the Americas.
Using what you know about how societies responded to those epidemics, what surprises you or doesn’t surprise you about those responses?
How do you think societies today would respond to similar epidemics (not the recent relatively mild epidemics like SARS, West Nile, Ebola — instead, think about something that would kill 10-20% of the population).

I’d like for you to make some connections between the Industrial Revolution we talked about in our class (namely, the late-18th to early-19th century expansion of technology and industrialization that started in Britain and spread to (some of) the rest of Europe) and our world now in terms of technology.
Here are some questions to consider:
What are some similarities between the industrialization of the late-18th century and our hyper-technological world today?
What technologies in particular are similar?
How is the industrial society of back then similar to our society today?
What are some differences in both technological terms and in terms of society?

I want you to think about the biggest historical event of your lifetime that you can remember. Don’t use an event that you were alive for but cannot remember! This Free Write is intended to get you to think about history and memory now that our class is close to your lifetime (well, at least MY lifetime!).
Discuss the following questions in your Free Write:
In a couple sentences, describe what you remember about that event. What peoples/nations were involved? What was the event “about”?
Most importantly, why do you consider it such an important historical event? In a world history class such as ours in 50 years, what might be said about this event?

What are some similarities between the industrialization of the late-18th century and our hyper-technological world today
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