Research question: What is the relationship between dementia/Alzheimer’s and education level? What are the causes and consequences?

1. Create an abstract 250 words

2. Introduction

3. What is your thesis statement? Don’t use a quote as your thesis.

4. Make sure to support your claims by giving evidence. For example, if you say that X is the major cause of Y, give some evidence that supports the claim.

5. Give facts to support your position.For example, show that the rate is higher in those less educated. Engage with the debate if there’s one.

6. Make sure to provide a clear arguable thesis and give facts to prove that rising prevalence of Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease exists and its link to low level education.

Here’s an example:

Growing income inequality declines individual’s health.According to the CDC, poor adults live shorter lives than people from the middle class or those who are affluent.(citations).Dr X had argued that poverty makes it difficult for people to eat healthily and the stress of poverty impairs sleep and creates the conditions for self-medication.

Make sure to edit thoroughly.

Don’t provide a quote instead of your thesis.Your thesis in the final draft should connect the problem to the causes, consequences and solutions.

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What are the causes of dementia/Alzheimer’s and what are the consequence
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