Quantitative Analysis-Assignment 5

  1. Why have dummy sources and dummy destinations?
  2. What are opportunity costs? How are they used in the Hungarian Method?
  3. What is a balanced transportation problem? Describe the approach you would use to solve an unbalanced problem.
  4. List the advantages and disadvantages of solving integer programming problems by (a) rounding off, (b) enumeration, and (c) the branch and bound method.
  5. What does it mean to rank goals in goal programming? How does this affect the problem’s solution.
  6. Suppose your supervisor asks you to use the transportation method to rearrange the desks of everyone in the office. How would you do it? What other factors are important but will not be considered in the solution of the transportation table?

Part 2: Assignment 6

1.Why is linear programming useful in CPM crashing?

2.Explain a problem to be solved and the use of the spanning tree technique, the maximal-flow technique, and the shortest route technique in solving the problem.

3.What does it mean that PERT is probabilistic? How is probability used?

4.What are the major differences between PERT and CPM?

5.Describe the meaning of slack and discuss how it can be determined.

6.A road construction project would increase the road capacity around the outside roads from International Drive to Disney World by 200 cars per hour (see Problem 12-17). The two paths affected would be 1—2–6—9–l 1 and 1—5—8—10—11. What impact would this have on the total flow of cars? Would the total flow of cars increase by 400 cars per hour?

7.Apply network analysis to a project you have to do. Develop a (1) task list and show precedence. Then (2) prepare a network diagram of the tasks leading to completion. (3) Develop times for each task. (4) Estimate times for (5) a beta-derived expected activity time, and complete the network evaluation.

What is a balanced transportation problem? Describe the approach you would use to solve an unbalanced problem
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