History quiz



  1. Compare and contrast the Atlantic revolutions that led to the end of “old colonialism” in the Americas and the Atlantic world during the late 1700 and early 1800s to the decolonization and independence movements of the 1950’s and 1960’s that led to the end of “new imperialism” in Africa, Asia and Pacific Ocean. How were the two events (broadly conceived) similar? How were they (broadly conceived) different? Then, focus on one of each (e.g. Atlantic revolutions like the American, French, Haitian or latin American revolutions versus decolonization/independence movements in india, vietman, cuba throughout Africa etc.) and consider the following 1. The groups involved in the conflicts; 2. The ideas involved 3. The social and cultural forces at work 4. The economics involved 5. How they ended.


  1. Compare and contrast the Eurasian financial collapse of the 13th century world system during the 14th century to the global great depression of the 1930s with attention to the following 1. The nations/peoples involved in each collapse 2. Some details of the economic system of each time period that then collapsed 3. How each collapse started 4. What types of trade and businesses were impacted, and which ones weren’t during each collapse (with specific examples 5. How and when each collapse/depression ended.
  2. How can the cold war be described as “cold”? how can it be described as “hot”? what do those two descriptions mean? Consider the following 1. Important events for each description “cold” and “hot” 2. What made them hot or cold both geopolitically and locally 3. The nations/peoples involved and 4. Places involved.
  3. Compare and contrast japan and the united states around 1850 to around 1950. Consider the following 1. Both nations experiences with new imperialism 2. How the two nations were intertwined during that 100-period 3. Important events the two nations participated in during that period and in particular 4. How the two nations ended up on a collision course culminating in the Japanese attack on pearl harbor during world war 2
  4. How has industrialization changed the world over the last two centuries or so? What kinds of economic and political systems developed alongside or in opposition to industrialization? What does it mean to say the industrial revolution caused the birth of the modern world? In particular, consider the following 1. When and how the industrial revolution starts 2. Where and how did it spread 3. How did It factor into new imperialism and 4. What conflicts between nations arose from industrialization?
What kinds of economic and political systems developed alongside or in opposition to industrialization
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