To Prepare: Read each of the following scenarios and think about the different perspectives of the people involved the context, the tone, the appropriateness, and the effectiveness of these communications. You will choose one or more of these scenarios to discuss.

Post your initial response to the following points:

  • How does being physically present (as opposed to the virtual environment) change or how should it change the way you communicate in an academic and professional setting? Cite any sources you used.
  • What responsibilities do you have as a professional when communicating with your colleagues? What responsibilities do you have as a professional when communicating with a supervisor? Cite any sources you used.
  • What responsibilities do you have as a scholar when communicating with an Instructor? Cite any sources you used.
  • How do you determine whether the tone you perceive is intentional or not intentional when receiving professional or scholarly communications? What strategies are best to respond to a written communication that you perceive as having a negative tone? Cite any sources you used.
  • Choose one scenario, and revise it to allow for a more effective communication
Scenario 1: Busy Life Interferes With School

Instructor e-mail: Dear Amy, I saw your request for an extension on submitting the latest course assignment. I understand you are very busy but, in fairness to all students, I cannot grant you this exception. We have many students who are busy with many things and if I give you a break, I’d have to give everyone a break.
Student’s response to above e-mail: Hello, Dr. White, I am really busy at work and am also working on another degree. I have a family. I am just really busy and I could not post my assignment last week. I see you gave me a late penalty. They told me when I signed up that Walden was flexible. You are not being flexible. You treated me unfairly. Are you trying to ruin me? I am going to complain to administration.

Scenario 2: Teamwork in the Workplace

Andy and Jim are working on a project together at the health department. Andy is upset because he wants to get the project done and he thinks that Jim is not putting forth 100% effort. He does not tell Jim but instead catches the supervisor when he is walking by his cubicle.
“Dan, you know Jim and I are working on the water project. Jim is kind of a dead weight and it seems like I am doing all the work. Can you please make him do his job? I mean, really, we are all busy and I should not have to do everything. And you know when he does do something, it is not very good and I always have to fix it.”

Scenario 3: Instructor Feedback in Gradebook

The instructor has posted this feedback to Amy in the grade book, referring to a written assignment.
“Amy, this was poorly done. It was too short and you know better than to use Wikipedia as a source because that is what it says in the rubric. I already mentioned this in feedback last week, too. I am disappointed that you are ignoring instructions and my feedback.”

Scenario 4: Grade Based on Effort

Student e-mail: Dear Dr. Green, you may be nice in person but it is completely unethical what you are doing! It is not ethical for a student to continually receive less than an A grade when he has read all the required resources, followed all instructions, and put forth 100% effort. I have always been an A student and all of the sudden in this class I am not an A student? This is just wrong. I paid good money to go here and I expect to get what I paid for.

What responsibilities does one have as a professional when communicating with colleagues and when communicating with a supervisor
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