Note to writer: must read the book. The book is Crow Lake by Mary Lawson


Crow Lake: Essay Assignment


Choose one of the following topics to write a 3-page essay (app. 750 words). Provide specific evidence from the text to support your argument as you write (refer to specific events in the novel). You must:


  • Use at least one “direct quotation” from the novel, cited in APA format
  • Write a reference page for the novel at the end of your paper in APA style.
  • If you use outside sources (this is NOT required), be sure to acknowledge them and cite them in APA.
  • Submit to



  1. Why are the ponds important in the novel? The ponds are mentioned throughout the story, and the story ends by mentioning the ponds. Discuss the use of the ponds as a symbol.


  1. Early in the novel, we are told that “thou shalt not emote” is a Morrison family rule. Discuss Kate in terms of her communication and her emotions throughout the novel. What does she learn about emotions and communication by the end of the story?


  1. Kate has experienced different types of education. Discuss three ways she has been educated and describe how each type of education has shaped her identity.


  1. Analyze the different meanings of success in the novel by referring to at least two characters. What factors led to their success? Discuss what the novel shows us about work, effort, opportunity and success.


  1. Compare the Pye family with the Morrison family as two examples of families from the countryside (rural families from a small town). What, in your opinion, led to greater happiness and success for one of the families and not the other?


  1. Explore the ways that the “nature / nurture debate” is discussed in the novel by comparing Daniel and Matt. What does the novel suggest about success?


  1. Discuss Kate’s successes as a woman from a small town who becomes a professor. What personality characteristics helped her succeed? What motivated her?




Why are the ponds important in the Crow Lake novel by Mary Lawson ? The ponds are mentioned throughout the story, and the story ends by mentioning the ponds. Discuss the use of the ponds as a symbol
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