Write A 15 Page Research Paper For Me Topic: Women And Entrepreneurship

Can someone write my 15 page research paper for me? I have listed all of the requirements and details below.


A brief summary of the discussion. It is not your introduction; in fact, it is best to write it last. As you read peer-reviewed articles, notice their format. Mimic this as much as you can.


Describe the organization you will be studying, its history, mission/purpose, organizational structure. Some start with an example that will help introduce the topic.

3.Rationale of the study:

What in the past caused other researchers to be interested in this topic? Curiosity? Contradictory findings from previous studies?

4.Research Question:

For instance: How can organizational leadership theories help to explain why this organization functions the way it does, and secondly, given this, how can this understanding assist managers and employees of this organization?


What do you intend to accomplish by investigating this topic?

6.Review of the Literature:

Cite here what others wrote on this topic.

7.Theoretical Framework:

Describe the organizational leadership theory you will be using to analyze your organization and the behavior of individuals in that organization, i.e., the fundamental concepts, etc. You may select from the following:

-Theory of Leadership and bureaucracy – Charismatic leadership

-Institutional Theory and leadership – Leadership and accountability

-Scientific management theory and leadership – Leadership and empathy

-Administrative management theory and leadership – Leadership and spirituality

-Stakeholder theory and leadership – Cross-cultural leadership

-Pre-human relations theory and leadership – Leadership and profit seeking actions

-Human relations theory and leadership – Leadership and ethics

-Natural systems theory and leadership – Leadership and Entrepreneurship

-Structural-functional theory and leadership – Leadership and fairness

-Self-Determination Theory and leadership – Leadership and laissez-faire style

-Open systems theory and leadership – Leadership in difficult times

-Quality management theory and leadership – Leadership in the organization

-Decision making theory and leadership – Transactional Leadership

-Organizational culture and leadership – Autocratic Leadership

8.Value of the Study:

Who do you think is going to benefit from this type of study? Cite here all the stakeholders to whom a study of this nature may benefit; be they policymakers, law makers, government officials, individuals in the business community, academicians, researchers, or any other stakeholders you may think the study could benefit.

9.Method/Research Design:

Select the organization or business you are studying. Collect information about the organization using evidence such as documentation, archival records if there are any, interviews, direct observations, participant-observation, physical artifacts. Use as many sources as possible (at least three: triangulation).

Discuss your data, describe your statistical analysis.

10.Research Results/Recommendations/Future Research/Limitations:

What did you find? Based on your findings, what do you recommend? What do you suggest others do in the future? What are the limitations of your study?


Offer your conclusion. You can write a lot here, including how you feel regarding the topic you just discussed.

Written Deliverable:

The paper must be a minimum of 15-20 pages, double-spaced (not including cover page or reference list). Your paper will be graded on content (60%) as well as format (APA reference style, spelling, grammar, page formatting etc.) worth 40%. Be sure to cite all references and include a list of references at the end of your paper.


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