Write an letter response for the saggy painting case. The pattern you would follow for the case is as follows:

  1. Grant the adjustment: Open directly and give the reader whatever you feel they might be seeking—in this case, it would be the offer to pay for re-stretching the canvas. However, you’d also need to persuade the reader to accept your reasons for not replacing it. (see page 214 and 215).
  2. State the reasons for the problem: tell the reader what the problem was or what went wrong and why. While we don’t know for sure in this case, the assumption is something went wrong in shipping—perhaps the painting was shipped flat and something was put on top of it.
  3. State what you do or will do in the future to prevent the problem: Since you’re trying to rebuild the customer’s confidence in your product, highlight the steps you take to prevent these sort of occurrences, and use them to back up your assurance that this is very rare.
  4. Close positively: do not refer the reader back to the original problem in the closing. Thank them for bringing the problem to your attention and look forward to doing future business with them (see page 217 for some effective closings for business letters.) You also would need to give them the address for mailing in the check and invite feedback.

Before submitting the assignment, make certain to do the following:

  1. Follow the letter format: Make certain your letter includes an effective subject line, an opening salutation, and a complimentary closing. The format can be found on page 207 in the book.
  2. Proofread closely and evaluate: Make certain it has no typos, punctuation or grammar mistakes. Consider whether it will win back the customer. Does it make a persuasive case for why you should trust the business in the future?
  3. Evaluate the tone: is it sender focused or reader focused? Is it negative or positive? Be sure it’s sender focused and free of negativity.

Remember to maintain a personal and conversational tone. You want to sound like it’s you writing and not a computer.


Write a letter response for the saggy painting case and State the reasons for the problem
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