Language and Technology Barriers experienced by CALD carers to access the NDIS: I have developed a short film according the attached script (short film). I need to write an academic essay explaining the topic/access issue (presented in that short film) and why it is hard for those people to access the scheme. It has to be built based on compelling facts and arguments from the existing literature and my argument but has to be formal as I cant use the first person, rather use the author or the writer. You can use the same work that youve done before for my thesis paper such as the lit review and background information about language and technology and same references if that helps and save you time, and same impact statement as solutions/recommendation to the NDIS but it has to be paraphrased as it will be submitted through Turnitin. Add to the recommendations the website the NDIS website that I developed in different languages (mainly Arabic and Vietnamese) as a way to help CALD communities to access the NDIS. For this one not necessarily to focus on Arabic and Vietnamese. It will be marked by different prof who has marked my annotated bibliography that was done by you (got 82/100 thanks). You can almost use similar structure that I used for the attached paper or may follow this structure: Present the issue briefly (my argument) you can refer to the film mother characters if you want. Then, what the literature says and what does it take for those communities to access the scheme (properly copy/paste the first part of the lit review thesis proposal – the comparison between the old and new system and understating the eligibility rules of accessing the scheme by people who are literate in the system and principles). Then a subtitle of what that means for CALD people with language and technology barriers. Then, solutions and recommendations such as the impact statement and including my NDIS new website in different languages. I am gonna upload my presentation that would also help to probably follow the structure but not the methodology part as this is just an essay explaining the issue

write an academic essay explaining the Language and Technology Barriers experienced by CALD carers to access the NDIS
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